Vendor Bookings

Please complete the details below to list items for auction.





  • All items delivered to Hervey Bay Auction Centre yard are there at your own risk and no responsibility will be taken by iStore Storage and Hervey Bay Auction Centre.
  • The vendor commits all items to Hervey Bay Auction Centre are UNENCUMBERED and without Legal Impediment and are the sole property of the vendor.
  • You enter the premises at your own risk.
  • All loading and unloading is done at your own risk, within allocated times.
  • All items sold will be sold GST inclusive.
  • Items are given one opportunity to sell, and if not sold after the first and only sale, must be removed from the yard within three days. If necessary, storage can be arranged.
  • Items offered with a reserve must be over $1500. Items under $1500 must be sold unreserved.
  • Reserves for items will only be taken via written authority from the vendor.
  • Hervey Bay Auction Centre will provide a vendor account sale for items sold, with commissions deducted and monies paid into your nominated bank account in 14 days of sale.